Procrastinating queen


I used to be the Queen of Lists (not a very exciting realm). I would write down every little thing that needed doing.

Now, at work a list can be very helpful. It helps you remember all the little (and big) jobs you have to do, very helpful when you have hundreds of thankless but not routine things to do. Lists also help to take things off your mind. Ending the day writing down things to do tomorrow, those little thankless tasks not done, people to follow up, crises on the horizon, takes them all out of your mind and let’s the mind stop at night.

But …

While crossing items off a list might give a sense of achievement (as much as crossing off “Hang out washing” can give you), writing lists are really the next step in procrastination. Write what to do, rather than do!

Of course the Internet gives a whole new black hole of procrastinating – blogs to read, lives of unknown people to catch up with, now my own blog to write!

And those BIG things on my list (Be fit by 25 , 30 , 35 , 40; Do my tax from last 2 , 4 , 5 years; Do the garden). Well they never get crossed off.

Mmmmm! Time for a list? Or breakfast first? With the Sunday paper? Yeah, great do nothing, procrastinating time ahead.


I am nothing if not self aware.


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