A healthy me?

With 5 months of 2012 to go, let’s see if I can set, and stick to, some goals. (Love the list!)

1. Don’t fall asleep on the lounge.
2. Get ready for bed before relaxing on the lounge.
3. Get 7 hours sleep a night.

1. Walk 45 minutes four times a week.
2. Pilates once a week.
3. Strong Women routine twice a week.

1. Drink 1 litre of water a day.
2. Eat 3 serves of fruit a day.
3. Cut out white bread during week.
4. Limit processed, non-food food stuffs.

Treatments to protect my back
1. Osteopath twice a term.
2. Massage once a term.



4 thoughts on “A healthy me?

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