Slow, creeping weight


I know, I know. Calories in minus calories out. Eat less, exercise more. It’s not rocket science and blah, blah, blah.

The thing is, I really love reading and other sedentary pursuits, am not big on exercising and have never enjoyed playing sport. And did I mention that I love biscuits, and white bread, and pasta. With cheese.

All this was fine until I hit my mid 40s. People would comment, often, and repeatedly, “How can you eat so much junk and stay so slim?” In my 20s and 30s chocolate and biscuits were my daily snack/grazing all day. I thought it was all the other good choices I made: very little fast food – I hate McDonalds and KFC (which in my youth didn’t hide the fact that it was fried); not much alcohol; good dinner; always having breakfast. OK, breakfast was white bread with jam and a cup of tea. Not very healthy but at least I didn’t skip it. Or may it was just I had a fast metabolism.

Whatever, come the 40s and things change. Gravity, loss of muscle tone, slow increase in weight. Now losing a few kilos is hard work. And my lovely arms!!! Not quite tuckshop lady arms but no longer defined muscles. And my flat tummy. So sad.

So before I suffer from heart disease, osteoporosis, and other ailments, I want to be healthy. And slim again.

I accept my shape will not be the same. Gravity and children ensure that.

And then there’s my job. Long hours, high stress. It is common for me to work 10 hour days, with regular evenings back at work until 10pm (with an 8am start). Lunch is nearly always on the go in the middle of working, or a squeezed 5 minutes between meetings and tasks. And the raw emotions I deal with, as well as managing over 70 staff and a huge budget! I come home exhausted. Mr LS doubts my ability to exercise more and lose weight because of my work. There simply isn’t time.

Well, I shall just have to make time!!! Or in a few years… Heavens, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I know I said I wouldn’t mention Ms B for 12 weeks, but I lied. Ms B says lack of time is a common excuse. Put exercise in your diary, she exhorts. So in my diary it will go.

Me as my priority. Mmmm. Liking that!

What are you doing to combat the slow, creeping weight gain? How do you fit exercise into your schedule?


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