Buy book, lose weight. Buy more books, lose more weight.


If one could be healthy or lose weight based on the number of fitness books one owned, I’d have lost those 5 kilos years ago, and I’d be very fit. Unfortunately, this is equates with thinking owning cook books will make you a good cook. You actually have TO DO something. Who’d have thunk it?

There are books that have no chance with me. I don’t like the books with prescriptive menus. Often the dishes are ones I would never cook, and don’t like. Or they require you to buy ingredients that you will only use once and then leave to spoil in your pantry. Hardly frugal!

I also don’t like books that have gimmicky diets, like Atkins or South Beach. No one can sustain these diets (and I use this word in the broader sense of what you eat normally). Anyway, we all know weight loss is really about eating smaller portions; eating more fruit, veg, fibre and protein; eating less fat and sugar; cutting the junk/processed/non-food and exercising more.

So why buy any books? Well, like others I am searching for the holy grail and the quick fix.

And have I found it?

Come on. You know the answer.

Taking off my quick-fix hat and looking objectively, Dr John Tickell’s Great Australian Diet really makes sense, both for long-term healthy living and for weight loss. And for those that love lists, he has 12 weeks of lists with tick boxes supplied so you can check off you achievement or completion of tasks. Wow! Combining two of my loves: lists and a road map to gorgeousness.

Tomorrow I will share his framework and eating plan.

Stay tuned.


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