The great Australian diet

So, Dr John Tickell’s book The Great Australian Diet, the Healthy Alternative! It is the most comprehensive health and weight loss book I have read. And one that draws on science and common sense. No fads, no empty promises, no fancy products needed. And it doesn’t just focus on food.

Dr John takes a wholistic approach to living a healthy life. His plan is ACE. Love it. Makes me think in a broader way about well-being.

A is for activity skills. Dr John has a section on the physical activity you need to stay healthy and young.

C is for coping skills. This is where his plan is different from most.

E is for eating skills.

More on activity and coping later.

His is not a diet of planned menus with set dinners. Rather he gives some four key principles to eating.

1. Basic and Bonus foods. Basic foods are plant foods – vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts and seeds. Bonus foods are everything else.
2. Two thirds of food you eat should be plant based or from the basic foods.
3. Rule of 15 is a unique feature Dr John invented based on researching those societies where people live long and healthy lives. He says you need to eat or nibble 15 different plant based foods every day. Variety is the key. So rather than two pieces of fruit, better to have smaller pieces of many different varieties.
4. HI = Human Interference. Dr John you need to eat food that a low HI index, that is, food that has not been interfered with or processed. Natural foods are best.

All this makes so much sense! It also allows you to pick what you like. And let’s face it, we know what we should eat and what we should avoid. Having these simple keys gives me a simple checklist to keep myself on track. Yeah, I fall off the track. I’ve followed this twice before and will probably eat the wrong things again.

Still, this time I plan to stick by it until I lose those 5 kilos. And then continue eating healthily for life (in both senses of the phrase “for life”).

If you like a guide rather than a strict menu, this book is for you. What do you think so far?

I’ll outline what I have eaten over the first 4 days of my new healthy plan tomorrow to illustrate Dr John’s plan in action.


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