A is for


I have already established that Dr John’s Great Aussie Diet is not just about food. He outlines the activity needed to keep you healthy. It is not about going on a diet, it is about being healthy.

Again, he uses simple guidelines.

1. You must move, and that means walking. He starts with at least 1% of your time, which is 25 minutes four times a week. And has you build up to 30 minutes five times a week.

2. SBW for strong is better than weak = Strength activities. He calls them BAT for bottoms, arms, tummies. His wife devised a set of exercises. And she models them in the book. As a woman in her 50s. And she looks fantastic!

3. OUMs for other useful movements which are basically stretches.

He says each of these have to be done at least four times a week. Mmmm. Well, I don’t want to set myself up for failure, so I have modified this but again, his plan is so based on common sense it is obvious.


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