Sort of following Dr John

I know I said on Thursday that I would outline what I’ve eaten. But I lied.

So, to try and do Dr John’s nibble of 15 plant-based foods and eat foods with a low Human Interference level this is what I have been eating.

Breakfast : I start with half a glass of calcium fortified tropical juice. Then either a bowl of porridge with skim milk or two slices of multi-grain wholemeal toast with jam (can’t give up my jam!) and a cup of tea.

Morning snack : two pieces of fruit

Lunch : homemade minestrone with carrots, celery, kidney beans, cannelloni beans, lentils, tomatoes, split peas and a little pasta. And 1 or 2 slices of wholemeal multi-grain bread. Or toasted cheese, tomato and cranberry sauce on wholemeal, multi-grain.

Afternoon snacks : fruit and nuts.

Dinner : has been normal sized portions with lots of vegies and salad making up 2/3 of the dinner. Dessert: homemade banana cake (see previous entry for recipe) or large square of dark chocolate.

I haven’t had any sweet biscuits, chips or lollies. I have cut down on alcohol, and have drunk a litre of water a day.

God, I am feeling so virtuous!!!

[Except for today! I am allowing myself white bread on the week-ends as a treat. A nice leisurely week-end breakfast with a pot of tea. But still haven’t had any bikkies, although that is because I couldn’t find anything in the pantry that I wanted. So I did look ;( but didn’t eat. So yay me! Oh and last night I did eat a fair bit of dip when having a drink or two with the girls. Still it was red wine and two glasses is good for you.]


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