C is for


A little later than I expected to post but we have finally come to the last element of Dr John’s well-being skills for life.

C is for coping.

He writes convincingly about not worrying about things you cannot control. Except you can control your responses!

Always one for giving simple keys, Dr John has the four fs: family, fun, friendships (more than having friends, this is doing things with your friends) and faith.

And then he has another simple key: holding the four aces to achieve balance. The ace of diamonds for money; the ace of hearts for relationships; the ace of spades for work ethic which can include getting better at something, and the ace of clubs for social activity. Nice little metaphors, no?

Dr John has a coping list to ask yourself everyday. Did you:
Have a good night sleep?
Do some deep breathing?
Hug someone?
Do something good for someone else?
Do something from a list of relaxation activities? (such as read a book, have a bath, light a candle, dream, call someone and have a chat, sit in the sun, do some deep breathing)

I think the coping aspect really rounds out Dr John’s plan for well-being.

I loike it! I do. 100%.

And I am truly trying to work on the good night’s sleep. I so notice the difference in the quality of the sleep at night when I go to bed without falling asleep on the lounge. And I wake up feeling awake, rather than struggling to get out of bed. When I fall asleep on the lounge, I can’t get to sleep when I finally go to bed in the middle of the night. Ah the pain! And so self-inflicted!!!

So one week good, one week back to bad habits and some good and bad nights this week.

When I get good sleep hygiene (and isn’t that a funny phrase?), I will move onto other things on the coping list.


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