Eliminating obstacles

“I’m too tired. And I just don’t have the time after work to exercise.” This has been my catch-cry (read excuse) for not exercising. I know, I know. I should make time. But what mother who works full time and then has homework; driving to soccer training, music lessons, other activities; shopping; cooking; cleaning; medical appointments etc etc etc has time.

“Yeah right, turn off the tele!” you shout. I know, I know. But I’m tired and relaxing in front of the TV is relaxing, allowing me to zone out and be entertained.

To make exercise a habit, or even better, an enjoyable part of your life, as with any new habits, you have to overcome obstacles.

I did it with putting my keys in one spot every day. I think I have completely done it for replace falling asleep on the lounge with going to bed at a decent hour. Now I am trying to do it with exercise routines.


Storing weights. I make it easy to get my weights; I leave them against the wall in the lounge room. Having the weights there acts as a reminder (guilt prompt?) but also means I don’t have to get them out from storage. It also means they are in the room I spend most of my time when I am at home, so I can do my Strong Women routine when I am watching TV. Kills lots of obstacles with one act. 1) I don’t have time – well I have time to watch TV, so I can do them together. 2) I’m too lazy and have no will power weights – the weights prompt me and after an hour watching TV I usually have enough energy. Well actually, I feel guilty. If I can sit and watch TV, I can just as easily do my weights and watch TV. My body isn’t going to improve by sitting on my arse. And I don’t have to go anywhere, no need to go to the gym, which I often found no time for anyway until after dinner. By which time it was too late.

Putting exercise in my diary. I have put Pilates in my diary. I have even put in travel time, so I don’t take appointments that would make me late. Also a reminder pops up on my computer “Time to leave for Pilates” when I am sitting in my office working. It reminds me to wrap things up and leave. It is the day that I leave early. It is so set and important for me that my co-workers know I have to go and ask if I am leaving for Pilates. I have also scheduled 2 of my walks on the weekend. My family know we have to plan events around my walk.

The most common obstacles to exercise are time, tiredness and laziness. Look at how you can eliminate the obstacles to activity. It’s been working for me.


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