Spring is in the air.

This week the warmth and fresh, sweet air of spring, together with holidays for me made it a perfect time to start spring cleaning with a mass of organising and decluttering. The plan is to start with my sons’ rooms. Why is it always easier to organise someone else’s stuff? Their clothes will be easier to sort as they have grown out or worn out much of their stash and, unlike me, don’t want to hang onto clothes for different looks/occasions/seasons.

First plan of attack, youngest son’s room. He was keen to throw away clothes that are too small and items he won’t wear to free up space for those he will. Clothes sorted and those that are too small or he won’t wear bagged to take to St Vinnies. 3 shopping bags!!! (Is that a sign of overconsumption?)

Then to spring cleaning; always easier to clean when there is less clutter.

5 hours later … Wardrobe organised and base, shelves and doors cleaned. Skirting boards, windows, plantation shutters and picture rails cleaned. Walls wiped down, door cleaned. All bed linen washed, mattress aired and sprayed with Glenn 20. USO (aka unidentified sticky objects) removed from random locations – floor, desk…

Before and after shots wouldn’t show up the dirt, luckily this son is rather organised but doesn’t feel he is allowed to throw out clothes – he doesn’t want to offend. But what is it with boys and dirt? Don’t they see it – marks on walls, door frames, grime on the shutters?

Second son was home but not keen on the task. He would rather use the floor as a wardrobe and his bed as a cupboard. Much nagging from me and I was able to disconnect him from his computer game to sort his clothes. I finally took a large garbage bag and 3 shopping bags to St Vinnies, gave some clothes to a nephew and have items to return to the soccer club and others to donate to the school for the clothing pool. Wow!

Then I repeated the cleaning process for number 1 son’s room.

A clean room is so soothing. A little sanctuary. I am not one of those who won’t lie on a made bed. A made bed in a clean room beckons for a little lie down with a book.



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