The Sapphires

You must see this movie!

It is brilliant. The movie definitely has a feel-good factor with boppy music but it is more than that. It is wonderful to see unique Australian stories on the big screen and so uplifting and inspiring to see positive stories about Aboriginal women.

The stars of the movie: Jessica Mauboy’s voice is so rich and beautiful; Deborah Mailman, such a soulful actor and Chris O’Dowd who keeps the comic pace buzzing.

There are flaws in the script and action; some of the details of the time in Vietnam are dubious and the attack scene shows it is not a high budget Hollywood flick. But other historical elements are spot on.


Gillian Armstrong wrote this week in the Sydney Morning Herald about the need to see ourselves on the screen:

It is our identity as Australians. It is what makes us unique. Our language, for example: “You’re a dag Muriel”, ”Look-at-moi Kimmy”, ”That’s not a knife”, ”Goodonyamum”, or ”You’re dropped” (my current favourite from Puberty Blues).

Be they crazily spiked cars mashing each other in the desert, a slow clap and bad toupee at a ballroom dancing finale, a row of blue Portaloos at the Cup, a long haired surfer in a panel van tooting outside a brown brick veneer, or a dusty red dog waiting and waiting, these are our idioms, our character, our stories, our very special humour and our outlook on life.

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Without saying mainstream Australian culture should appropriate Aboriginal stories, I believe we all benefit from seeing Aboriginal stories and this movie adds to our identity, our idiom, our outlook.


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