Water, water everywhere


Water is essential for health and just plain living.

I have conquered my sleep goals, well enough to say that I’ve turned my sleep hygiene (still find that phrase funny) around. Now to focus on my “Drink more water!” goal on the road to healthy living (and gorgeousness, of course, haven’t forgotten that).

I think we all know why we need to drink water but as information often aids motivation, I will outline the reasons for drinking water – in no particular order or hierarchy.

  • Tap water is cheap. And has no calories. And doesn’t wreck your teeth.
  • When we think we are hungry, we may actually be thirsty. And we are probably slightly dehydrated, especially in warm climates and air conditioned rooms. So drinking water may stop you eating too much or unnecessarily and thus lose weight.
  • If you get headaches, they may be a result of being dehydrated. Drink water (and get some fresh air) rather than reach for a painkiller.
  • If you get most of your fluids from tea or coffee, you are doing your bladder no favours. Add to that pelvic floor issues (which many women have) and opps!! Did you know tea and coffee irritate the bladder and make you think you have to go more often? Water is better and helps address those surge incontinence issues you may think are just a sign of advancing age and childbirth. Drop the cuppa and have more water, and I bet you’ll see an improvement.
  • Water flushes toxins out of vital organs and carries nutrients to your cells.
  • Mild dehydration can cause muscle, joint and back pain. Water acts as a lubricant for our joints. Less lubrication, more friction, more wear and pain.
  • Avoid constipation, drink water. Enuf said.
  • Mild dehydration can result in poor concentration, fuzzy short-term memory, fatigue and difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen.
  • Water keeps your cells healthy.
  • Water reduces the risk of cystitis by keeping the bladder clear of bacteria.
  • Water keeps the blood liquid enough to flow.
  • Water improves skin quality and texture by moisturising it.Cut the expensive moisturiser, drink water.
  • Water serves as a shock absorber inside the eyes, spinal cord and in the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus in pregnancy. Not that I need the last one!
  • Not enough water can lead to kidney stones. Ouch!
  • I am sure this enough to have you wanting to go for a drink right now!!!

    I am off to drink two big glasses of water. This has made me very thirsty.


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