Clothing pool

Decluttering continues!

It is easier to sort children’s clothes – when they have grown out of the clothes, well, end of story. The clothes go!

I sorted the outgrown school uniform items. 3 pairs of pants, a sports shirt, 3 shirts, a tie, school shorts.

The best place for them? Definitely not cluttering up our house and not in the bin. There is little point donating to a charity as they may end up far from the school drawing area and thus no use for anyone.

These items were gratefully received by the school for their clothing pool. They sell them to new students – raising funds for the school and a cheaper option for those families in need.

Now if only sorting my own clothes could be so straight forward!!!


One thought on “Clothing pool

  1. Hi Lucinda, found your blog via a comment on Frugal Queen, laughed about your craft experience, which is just the same as mine! Am enjoying your thoughts, and admiring your get fit programme very much. I just did the same as you and took a bag of uniforms up to the school. I am dreading this afternoon, in which I will pull out all the children’s summer clothes and bribe them to try them on and gasp when I discover how much new stuff I will then have to go and buy because they have grown 3 feet since last summer…

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