Need a drink?

It seems strange to think you have to make a conscious decision to drink water but I know for much of my adult life I have not been drinking enough plain water.

Most of my fluid intake has come from tea. However tea is actually a diuretic and besides the issue of consuming too much caffeine, tea can irritate your bladder and lead to an increased urge to urinate. I would drink a mug with breakfast, then about 4 or 5 mugs of tea during the day, and finally one after dinner. I also associate having a bikkie or four with a cuppa. So drinking a cup of tea more often than not results in eating empty calories.

For a while I went through a phase of having coke with my dinner – more caffeine and unnecessary calories with all that sugar. The reason I stopped was the damage Coke was potentially doing to my teeth. So I stopped the nightly can or glass of Coke.

But I still would reach for a can regularly when I was thirsty, especially when it was hot.

For the past two weeks, I have been drinking a litre of water every day. And what a difference it has made!!! There isn’t a noticeable difference in my skin but my throat feels better. Not so dry and scratchy.

And I can tell when I haven’t drunk it. So it’s more noticeable by the absence of drinking that I feel the effect of drinking – if that makes sense?

I don’t have the pavlovian desire to have any biscuits with my glass of water; indeed food with the glass of water feels wrong. I also haven’t had any cravings for sweetened drinks such as Coke And there are no wasted calories in the water. So it is a triple win – hydration and no calories and no tooth rot.

Having a jug on my desk at work and kitchen bench at home acts a reminder and makes drinking easy. No need to have to fill up a glass at the tap, water is ready to pour. It also helps me keep track of the amount I have drunk. I can see at a glance if I have to have another glass. Luckily I prefer cool, not iced, water, so tap water is the right temperature for me.

And all of this is done with a financial saving – tap water costs much less and needs no electricity to boil. Good for my health, good for my wallet.


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