Set backs, not failure


Opps! Few set backs in the good sleeping patterns.

I know it will happen when I snuggle under a blanket, stretch out on the lounge and then “just rest my head for a moment”. Sleeeeep.

Wish I could say it is blissful sleep. If it was, falling asleep on the lounge would not be a problem, would it now?

But I am half awake as the TV is on, and I know there are still jobs to be done: kitchen checked, teeth brushed, make up removed. And I am sooooo tired. Too tired to do the jobs but I can’t go to bed until they are done. And just like before I started my journey to healthy living, I go to bed and can’t sleep for hours.

I won’t see these few nights as failure. And I won’t give up. They are slip ups. Opportunities to reflect and know what I have to do: clean my teeth and take my make up off straight after dinner.

Watch this space!


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