Bit of a binge


All went mostly well food wise today for breakfast and at work.

Breakfast: small glass of calcium fortified juice and a bowl of porridge with low fat milk.
Morning tea: small bowl of peaches and strawberries. And, oh no, 4 plain bikkies.
Lunch: toasted cheese and tomato sandwich
Afternoon snack: small banana

Fluids: four mugs of tea and a litre of water.

And then I got home! And the cravings started. Cadbury Turkish delight – about 8 squares; half a tub of pâté with crackers; few rice crackers; glass of very sweet sparkling wine. Nibbled at dinner because, frankly, I was not hungry and didn’t fancy what we were having for dinner.

But I fear I am not satisfied. The custard in the fridge is calling me.

And I didn’t do any exercise today. After the pig out, I crashed on my bed. Double, triple whammy!

So what to do? What to do?

Well, no point beating myself up. But it clearly shows that I need to have some healthy snacks ready for the period between afternoon and dinner. I don’t often come home with time to spare but this has changed with daylight saving. I will cut up some fruit to nibble next time.

And I shouldn’t have the unhealthy, high calorie, low nutrient foods to hand. I had considered this when I bought the chocolate which was really meant for my sons: should I buy a flavour I don’t like so won’t be tempted? I weakened and bought one of my favourites. Hence the pig out (and I ate a fair bit of it last night too!!!) I will buy the treats for my boys that won’t tempt me.



2 thoughts on “Bit of a binge

  1. My choc attacks are usually stress or hormone related. I do find it very disheartening to discover how little control I seem to have over biology…

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