A helping hand


Do you have people in your life who can help you make positive changes in your life? Who can support you to stick with your exercise or diet plan?

Some people don’t share that they are on a diet or going to start an exercise program because the responses will show little faith in your ability. “Again?” Or, “How long will it last this time?”

Or even worse, the response that undermines your resolve. “You don’t need to. You look fine.” And, “Don’t be a spoil sport. Have some cake/chocolate/chips etc.”

At first I was loath to tell my partner I was trying to be more healthy. He was less than encouraging. His response being along the lines of, “Yeah, seen this before. Won’t last long. Don’t kid yourself.” I called him on this and now he is encouraging without appearing critical should I miss a day or two of exercise. A difficult path for him to tread, I know.

Having some positive friends can help you stay focused and motivated, keep you accountable and help you pick yourself up when you falter. As well as making exercise fun.

I go to Pilates with a good friend. I wouldn’t have stuck with it as long as I have if I went alone. I can’t let my friend down – so I have to go. I love catching up with her – so I look forward to going every week. We have such a laugh together so the class even more enjoyable. Sometimes we car pool – making travel and parking even easier.

I am a member of a site which has a members only forum. I have joined a thread with 3 other ladies where we post about our daily exercise and encourage each other. It helps to have a different view and some positive words when you don’t do well. And guilt kicks in too. I have to do something. I can’t leave it for several days without posting and given I am addicted to this site, I log on every day so I can see what the other ladies have posted. I don’t want to let them down and abandon them so I feel motivated to do some exercise and it makes me accountable.

I don’t thrive with competition. I need a more shared, collaborate approach.

So thank you TKaye, Jane and KH.


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