How to break your own heart


Maggie Alderson writes chicklit with style.

This is good escapist happily-ever-after fiction – nothing too deep, nothing too thought provoking. You may not empathise or like the characters much but you definitely want to know what happens.

I did want to slap the central character. And frankly, couldn’t see why the others liked her. Boring, no fashion sense, boring, snobbish husband, not witty, judgmental, won’t listen to others, jumps to conclusions, and boring. Anyway, they do like her. And. Everything. Turns out. For the best.

The sticker on the front “Great Women’s Weekly Read” alerts you to the fact that this won’t be high brow. But it isn’t trash. Well written, this is a romance for your modern, middle-aged, well-read sheila. (Latter used ironically.)


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