3 months!

Three months in. Wow! I started this journey on 12 August. I have been quite good with the exercise bit; walking most weeks four times a week (think I have only missed this twice but even then I have walked at least twice and have walked extra long walks on weekends to make up); doing my Pilates once a week and doing weights twice a week.

I feel stronger and can definitely walk faster and longer.

I have to admit my diet hasn’t been that good. I have changed breakfast on week days. It is porridge with low fat milk. But on weekends I have white bread or English fruit muffins. I have tried to modify food choices a bit but still know I eat foods with no nutritional benefits, like savoury and sweet biscuits. The weight loss has slowed stopped, so it is probably time to seriously address my diet.

Still I am happy with the changes to my body. I am no longer putting on that slow, creeping weight gain.

Here’s the updated figures:

Chest: 97 to 96cm to 95cm to 95cm
Waist: 87 to 83cm to 81 1/2 cm
Hips: 98 to 96cm to 96cm to 96cm (Can’t seem to shift anything here.)
Thighs: 57 1/2 to 57cm to 56cm
Weight: 67 to 65 1/2kg to 65kg to 65kg



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