I’ve been quiet

I’ve been quiet because I am feeling a bit guilty because…

I missed my Strong Women exercises last week and couldn’t go to Pilates as I had to work back late for two nights. And I had to work on Sunday.

And I have been eating some very bad food. Very bad.

Spoonfuls of Nutella. Lots of biscuits. Oh! Oh!

And I have been falling sleeping on the lounge, waking up after midnight, going to bed and then trying to go to sleep.

On a good note, I have been walking. I did three walks last week.

And I have been drinking water. Can’t not drink it now as I really feel the difference.

Actually I can really feel the difference when I do go to bed to sleep and not sleep on the lounge. So let’s pick myself up, dust myself off and start again.

No regrets, no recriminations. At least I have been somewhat healthy for most of the last few months.

(Oh, and let’s keep away from the scales for a little bit. OK?)


One thought on “I’ve been quiet

  1. Oh Nutella is my downfall! I’ve been in a health kick too Lucinda and have lost 2 kgs but need to lose 6 more!!! Was super good last week, but the scales didn’t budge. So depressing. I didn’t do tapemeasure measurements, I should have. I still feel like I’m slimmer so hoping its muscle!!! We can do it!

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