I have been going to Pilates for over 2 years now. I love it. I go with a friend which is one of the reasons I have stuck with it – we get to catch up every week.

It isn’t frugal, being quite exxy but there are many benefits. I started going to strengthen my pelvic floor. (The classes were led by a physio and I was able to claim on my private health fund.) I have found the benefits have included: a stronger pelvic floor (not saying I can jump on a trampoline, laugh and sneeze at the same time but things are better), a more toned body, better balance. If I am suffering from tension in my muscles, after a class I feel like I have had a massage with so much more mobility.

The class is an equipment class and has a maximum of 4 participants so we get plenty of individual attention.

Every week we do different exercises, so it is never boring.

I love this:

I call it the trolley. It is so versatile. I think it is my favourite piece of machinery.

I also like this one:

I call it the four poster bed. I know it looks like something that belongs in a torture chamber. (No 50 Shades here.) There’s some tricky things you can do on the four poster. As you can see the two years hasn’t helped me remember the real names of the equipment.

This one I know! The ladder barrel isn’t bad, though there are some fearsome exercises I have to do on it.


And this one, the barrel, is OK.


Oh yes, love the chair too:


And love the roller:


And quite love these, though we don’t use them very often:


I like stretching with the resistance bands, but don’t like using them for strength. I feel the band catches my skin.


But this particular piece of torture I do hate. The circle. Looks harmless but is so uncomfortable.


These photos are not to scale; the ladder barrel is much bigger than the barrel. Quite unusual looking pieces of equipment for those not used to Pilates but you do do unique exercises with a very different approach.

I will outline a sample routine in a future post.


2 thoughts on “Pilates

  1. These do seriously look like something you would find in a medieval torture chamber! I have never tried Pilates, but I do Yogalates, yoga/pilates fusion. No equipment, lots of stretching, and working on the core, and that pelvic floor. Four births really play havoc with that…

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