New year, new goals, new habits

A new year calls for new resolutions. Or rehashing old ones? I wonder how many people will resolve to lose weight, drink less, save money, get a better work life balance?

I could just say I want to be a nicer person. Nah, who am I kidding.

Well, I am going to continue with my healthy living goals from three months ago when a started on my journey to a more gorgeous, organised and healthy me: read here.

But as I am continuing on this journey I am also going to add a few things:

    1. Declutter one thing a day as one of my favourite bloggers has been doing: 365 less things. I have been doing some decluttering- giving away things that maybe of value, throwing out rubbish, using up stuff such as make up and not buying new stuff until the old is gone. But now I will log this here. Rol on organised living.
    2. Become a no waste household. I will repurpose items and minimise waste, especially food stuff. No food in the bin! That doesn’t mean I will have no rubbish or that my bins will be empty. No, but I will ensure everything is used and used and used. Oh, this is part of my green intentions and frugal living. See I can be a better person!
    3. Use my camera. I have two digital cameras, not counting my iPad and phone. I don’t use either. If I am going to log my decluttering, best to photograph it. And I want to photograph my cooking and my walks and other random shit. Maybe I need an interest other than work?
    4. Here’s the biggest challenge: get my finances in order. (I’ll share a BIG SCARY secret soon, too ashamed to do so just now.) Part of my financial tidy-up will be my biggest resolution of all (if I was Catholic I’d tell myself it isn’t even Lent) I am not going to buy clothes in 2013. OMG, can’t believe I made this commitment. I will need new undies and a bra and socks. And also a pair of joggers. I will also allow myself a pair of fashion shoes. I have in my mind what I want but haven’t found them yet and have been looking for months.

    My all time favourite blogger is Frugal Queen. If you haven’t read her, where have you been? She is a militant frugalister, operating at black belt level. I don’t want to say no to the level she does but I want to save some money and not just for saving as an end. I am already paying my mortgage off more quickly and have no other debt. I want the freedom that having financial independence offers, as Mean Queen has achieved. And I want to travel and to afford to have my house the way I want it to be. And do nice things. Like Faux Fuchsia

Roll on gorgeous living!


2 thoughts on “New year, new goals, new habits

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