Today’s walk and fixing a bad back

Rest, anti inflammatory pain killers, massage and heat helped my back self-heal. It is still having the occasional twitch.

Pain is a funny thing. When it strikes, you think of nothing else, are quick to be ill-tempered and are hesitant to move. When it eases, you forget your back was troubling you and move freely. Until the twitch reminds you of what was and what may be again if you are not careful.

So did I slow walk. One that I had been interested in doing when I first saw the pamphlet:Pioneer Walk.

The trail meanders along a creek through Beecroft and Carlingford. Along the way there are information plaques, installed by the local council, that give interesting information about the early settlers, including the origins of the Granny Smith.


The size of the families and the age that the settlers lived to was pretty amazing. One family photographed on one of the plaques had 16 boys and 1 girl!!! All looked lean and healthy. Clearly the food, hard work and transport being limited to walking meant they were healthy – as long as you didn’t get an infection or succumb to an accident! But, oh, being a woman would have been hard work!!!

Apologies if the squealing disturbed nearby residents. There was a lot of rustling in the undergrowth and quick movements caught out of the side of our vision as lizards (and we hope not snakes) scattered away. It is quite scary, hearing a reptile move along the undergrowth next to your path, maybe more so when you don’t actually see it. Unless, of course, it is confirmed as a snake. Then it is truly scary. We did see several of these:

Most of the noises were probably these. Still scary when you are walking along and there’s a rustling alongside the track. They are about 30 cm and smaller and very skinny.

Saw one of these too. Much more impressive but less scary as they don’t look at all like snakes. As soon as the water dragon see you, it dives into the creek.



2 thoughts on “Today’s walk and fixing a bad back

  1. Glad you are feeling better, and I personally, am glad I am not a pioneer woman with 17 children! I am with you on two of your goals – no waste. Just hate that, and feel so bad when I throw food in the bin. Will be working to stop that. Also, I will be organising my house completely this year. Had to declutter for a renovation, now I need to find perfect and efficient homes for everything that’s left. And will no doubt find more ‘stuff’ to get rid of along the way..

  2. Now if we had 17 children, we’d have no waste!!! Just threw out 3 bananas. Feel bad but have told the family I am not shopping. Eat the cherries, the rock melon, the cherry tomatoes. You cannot just say you feel like a certain piece of fruit. So they say nothing and don’t eat any until I have to throw it out and buy new!!!

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