A leaner year

This year will be the year to get lean.

Thanks to Clutterhen, from a site I belong to, for the concept.

I came across this after setting my resolutions and knew this was what my goals were all about: getting leaner in body, getting the house leaner, getting stress leaner, getting my budget leaner.

Cut out the unnecessary, the undesired, the things that sap energy but add little. And using the time and money saved for those things I enjoy.

Now where to start?

I will continue my healthy me plan, so that’s easy.

But the house, budget and finances! Oh, oh, oh. I have a roomful of paperwork. And the amount of time I waste searching for the particular document I need… Well, you wouldn’t believe. Knowing I have to sort this and deal with my awful secret, is like a weight hanging over me. I sometimes can’t sleep at night for thinking about it. And I have hot flushes of guilt at other times during the day.

Well, this will be the work for the month of January. I will tackle it with baby steps, and not go in with gusto and burn out quickly like a sky rocket, or even more apt, like a Catherine Wheel, spinning madly with lots of noise but leaving more mess, stress and chaos in my wake.



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