Use it up

How many eye shadows are in your makeup kit? How many lip glosses?

And how many moisturisers are cluttering up your bathroom cabinet?

We know that no face cream is going to make us look younger but we still look for the next miracle. And who hasn’t succumbed to the sales pitch of beauticians and magazines? Especially after having makeup applied by a makeup artist? And who hasn’t been seduced by The New Thing?

I do need to streamline my makeup and toiletries. No one needs four concealers. The aim is to declutter but not at the cost of waste.

My plan is to use up my lotions and makeup and then only buy what I need, when I need it. So no buying something when I have a similar product in the cupboard. I am not strict about tossing makeup if it is old, though when lippy tastes and smells a little rancid, I do toss, sometimes regretfully. God knows why, as I have wasted money on some dubious products.

I won’t go all minimalist and totally frugal. I am not into denial – as in denying myself nice things; a bit of denial about the effects of age is allowed. And I am not a black belt frugalista. I just want to have leaner clutter and leaner waste and a leaner budget. I will have a full set of makeup and a range of toiletries – face cleanser, toner, makeup remover, mask, day cream and nightcream; lip balm; body scrub, lotion and bronzer; foot scrub and balm; and a range of hair products.

So let’s use it all up.

Today’s healthy me = 45 min walk, drank over a litre of water, no chocolate. Confession: yesterday I ate a chocolate coated ice-cream after I posted.

Today’s purchases/expenses = nil.

Today’s decluttered items = I bought the Beauty Flash because I wanted some Clarins and it said it would give me instant radiance. Well, it didn’t. Save your money. When you come home tired and have to go back out, no cream is going to combat exhaustion. It smells nice and it has a soft and light texture. So I have been using it up as a face cream/primer. All gone. Won’t rebuy it.

And the Avon foot scrub. Well, I will talk about feet products and my journey to gorgeous feet in another post. Well it is all used up but, meh? Suffice to say, I won’t be buying this product again.



One thought on “Use it up

  1. I thought I would be frugal and use up my daughter’s ballet makeup, because she is always losing bits and buying more, but I would like to note that eye liner from Kmart, while perfectly satisfactory for one ballet performance, leaks like cheap mascara over the day, and I start to look like a raccoon. So yes, thrifty is sometimes good, but not always acceptable, so expensive eye liner for me from now on. Just one though! I like the way you are using it all up, I’m sure lots of products are interchangeble.

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