Organising Christmas decorations

And so it was decreed, that on the 6th of January Christmas decorations will be put away.

Blessed are the children, for they wanteth decorations but are free from all obligation.

And low, the voice of conscience spoke to The Mother and said, Woman, do not toss the bloody things in the bin as guilt will surely overwhelm thee. No, carefully packeth all away in order that next Christmas when you have to do it all again without any help from any bloody sod your job is without excess toil. And asketh before you disposeth of any minor piece, howsoever impaired, lest it contain within it some significance to one who cannot be bother-ed to actually put the thing away and would not have noticed its non-existence except for finding it in the bin.

Today’s healthy me = 45 min walk, Strong Women exercises, drank over litre of water.

Today’s purchases/expenses = $20 for visit to Australian Pioneer Village.

Today’s decluttered items = My darling Mr Sans cut the cord of the large blow up Santa while do the garden edges. So he is no more, Santa not Mr Sans. Into the bin.


And I have selected these items to be donated to the local charity shop in October this year. Donating these items now will only mean clutter for the charity and possibly end up in the bin. In October they may have a greater chance of being bought. Money for the charity and less landfill. So into the junk room until then.



2 thoughts on “Organising Christmas decorations

  1. I just splattered my breakfast tea all over the keyboard. That was wonderfully hilarious and so true! Also relieved that was not a photo of Mr Sans, which would have been an unfortunate start to 2013; imploding husband, very inconvenient..

  2. Thanks, Jo. Think I need to leave more decorations in Mr Sans’ way when he is doing the lawns. Such a guilt free way to dispose of the decorations. Well, guilt free for me.

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