The Valley by Barry Pilton

Picked this up as a light summer read. Also I like reading books set in Wales, not that I have read many.

This was a little slow to start as all the characters were introduced. And the set pieces established. (If you’ve read all the James Herriot books you will know how many of the scenes will play out. Indeed, the episodic nature of the narrative is very similar.)

For most of the book, while I found it definitely light, I didn’t laugh. Perhaps the characters and situations were too obvious. But then I got to descriptions that made me laugh out loud and I had to share with Mr Sans. Very original, humorous and accurate descriptions!

With the range of quirky characters and unusual situations, think Doc Martin, this will work well as a TV series. Given the weather is as much a driving force as the isolated geography of the valley, I don’t know how they will film it. It definitely isn’t the always-summer Cornwall of Doc Martin. Pilton is apparently working on the script.

Would I recommend this book? Well, I want to read the sequels. So yes, definitely. An entertaining, light read.


Today’s decluttered item = Don’t you hate it when family leave something at your house but you’re not sure who left it? We had the Christmas gathering at our place and all manner of items were left, eg wine carriers, platters and this plate. I know to whom some of the items belong but not this one. We have other items from family that they leave, say they will pick up next time and then don’t collect when they are here again. I don’t want this plate hanging around. It might sit here for months and never be claimed. As it is chipped and some of the family are now on extended holidays, I am throwing it away.



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