Decluttering your wardrobe 2 – three simple questions

My closet is chock full of things I hardly wear. Trying to find the particular T-shirt I want is an exercise in frustration. I often pull everything out and toss them on the floor, and pick through the tangled mess. Generally I am in a hurry so I scrunch all the clothes together and shove them back in the shelf. It’s a mess.

But I find it difficult to toss anything. This stretched top might be still good under a jacket in winter. That blue top that I don’t particularly like always gets me compliments when I do wear it. The orange one I don’t like but I like the cami that goes with it and I don’t want to separate them. Oh, and this top, I forgot all about but it is gorgeous. And all those brown tops are still very serviceable for work.

Do you find it that hard to declutter? Does any of this sound familiar?

Given that I want to lead an organised life and that mess is the devil’s work, I am going to have to try harder. If an item is going to take up value wardrobe real estate, then it needs to pull its weight. There are no damaged or stained items, so time for three questions of my clothes:

1. Do I like it?
2. Do I look good in it?
3. Do I wear it?

Today’s decluttered items = Two items again today to bring me up to one item a day. A top that I don’t look good in and a pair of pants that I just don’t like. Off to the charity shop.




8 thoughts on “Decluttering your wardrobe 2 – three simple questions

  1. Oh I find decluttering so so hard. I chucked some baby toys and clothes in a lifeline bin yesterday and immediately wanted to grab it back! And yet I hate the clutter, It’s so depressing and time consuming!!

    • I don’t have the personality to declutter madly in one go. I get side tracked, reminiscing, on too many items. And end up with a bigger mess. But happy memories!!

      That’s why I am doing it, mindfully, one item a day. And why I am not spending on clothes this year.

      Don’t you love how those two words – madly and mindfully – cast aspersions and diamonds at two different ways of decluttering???!!!

  2. I have hardly any clothes; I hate clothes shopping and am getting depressed because I will have to go out and buy a new tshirt soon so I have one without holes in. Perhaps you could just post yours to me?

    • Oops, having a technology moment. Lucinda, that sounds like lots of fun! I am a size 10 or S, but happy to go a bit bigger. I am planning to post photographs of my entire meagre wardrobe in a couple of days, so you’ll see exactly how few clothes I have. So, anything you don’t want, pop in a post pack, and I’ll send you the postage.
      I have followed you up above, does that mean that you can see my email address?

  3. Well, I can’t claim a technology moment – just total techno noob. I didn’t even know I had email followers until your comment prompted me to investigate. I have your email. It came in email from WordPress when you posted this comment.

    In another technology failure, I have difficulty posting comments on your site – either the robot blocker stumps me or when I get past that it doesn’t let me go on via WordPress. Maybe I will just blame the fact that I only blog and comment while on my iPad and maybe blogger doesn’t like iPads!

    • Hmmm, I will do some investigation about that too. I must say, blogging has been very educational IT wise. I will do what I usually do, and ask my son! I am a bit over that robot thing too. At least I can take that off (I think..)

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