Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones


I nearly gave up on this book in the first chapter. In my defence, they are long chapters. The thought of some upper class family fretting over the possible loss of their house just didn’t grab me. “Oh, we’re doing it so tough with only 2 housemaids and 2 stablehands.” And, even worse, I was irked by the self-centered nature of the mother – too busy to attend to her sick child. Doing what precisely? Swanning around in her bedroom.

But I was soon submerged in the story and just had to know what was going to happen next.

As the evening progresses, all the artificial refinements and the veneer of “class” are rubbed away in a very original take. I wish the reviews had not stated that this was a ghost tale with a twist because, although you would have had suspected the uninvited guests were ghosts, knowing this takes away from the full impact when it is clearly stated in the novel.

With vivid descriptions of the clothing, food and house; strong and well-rounded characters; elements of drama, humour and pathos; and authentic dialogue this is a great read.

Today’s decluttered item = Having missed several days of posting, I will list 2 items today, to keep up with decluttering one item a day. I am trying to declutter without adding to landfill. I don’t want to just toss things in the bin.

Firstly, I have a bum bag with water bottle that I bought several years ago. I actually bought two. Why buy more than one? Again, this was for my just-in-case gift “store”. The bum bag was never used and never gifted. It has moved house with me, involving packing and unpacking – as well as taking up valuable cupboard space. That is just too much work for something I don’t need. Well, I found the perfect recipient – a fellow walker with whom I have done some short bush walks. On a walk she mentioned she wished she had a water bottle but found carrying the bottle a bother. So new home for this item where it will be used, and less clutter for me without adding to landfill.

I gifted it in my second decluttered item – a gift bag. I don’t know why I cannot throw these away!!! I have so many from all the gifts of wine Mr Sans and I receive. Time to start using them for gifts other than wine.



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