Will walking help me lose weight?


If you’re like me, you’ve been walking regularly and for a fair amount of time but have not lost much weight.

OK, I seem to have stopped that slow, creeping weight gain. And my legs are more toned. But I have not lost the weight I wanted to lose; I still have 4 or 5 kilos to go.

Well, I have found the answer. Andrew Cate in his book Walk Off Weight quotes a study from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ninety-four per cent of people who exercise mainly by walking do not walk frequently enough or fast enough to gain real health benefits. As Cate states, “it’s not walking that’s the problem, but how it’s done.”

In a nutshell, I have to push myself more. Walk faster, walk up hills. God forbid, maybe even do some jogging! It’s not about doing more ks or longer walks, but about raising the heart rate. May have to start using the heart rate monitor I got for Christmas?

OK, I know I will also have to address what I eat and I will do that this year.

The next few posts will be info from Andrew Cate’s book.

Today’s decluttered item = no actual object. I am on holidays. Let’s just say I am decluttering my mind of all the workaday worries and household chores-that-need-doing; breathing in the fresh air; daydreaming; and admiring the view.



4 thoughts on “Will walking help me lose weight?

  1. My neigbourhood is all hills, and when my tall husband, who walks very fast on his long legs, drags me out for a walk, I feel like I am going to die. It must be doing me good..

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. I too suffer from a husband with long legs. Every so often, on a walk, I hold his arm, on the presence of being loving and romantic. In truth, it’s to slow him down to my pace and to have his assistance in pulling me along. He hasn’t wised up yet, or if he has, he is too kind to say.

  3. it’s very unlikely you will lose weight by walking, fast or not. Walking is good for your heart, as is every exercise. But exercise has little to do with weight loss. Gary Taubes explains this very well. If you really are overweight, a low carb diet can help you. If you weight is in the normal range, enjoy the exercise but don’t expect anything in terms of weight loss.

    • Thank you for the advice. I know I will have to tackle my eating soon. It’s just that I love cakes, pastries and biscuits and am not quite ready to give them up. Change is a slow process for me.

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