2 Simple Changes Help You Lose Weight While Walking


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So what are the two simple changes to walking that will lift fat burning?

Firstly, if you swing your arms when you walk you can burn more calories. Using a more pronounced swing may also help increase your pace. (Honestly, I don’t think I am going to do a pronounced swing but I will do a bit more of a swing. I don’t care what people think but I don’t want to look deranged or like a complete twat, swinging my arms like some super walker who actually ambles along.)

Secondly, do you know if you walk before breakfast you can burn more fat? As blood sugars are low, you burn a higher proportion of fat as fuel. It isn’t a lot but every bit makes a different, right? I am going to try this at least once or twice a week.

I have posted previously in my blog about other mistakes walkers who want to lose weight. This info comes from Andrew Cate’s book Walk off Weight. Let me say, I have no connection to Cate, don’t know him and have never met him. However, I found his book very useful, informative and supportive. You can buy an ebook version here for a very small cost. I think it is worth it.

Today’s decluttered items = Throughout the year I buy random items for my gift store so that when I have to source a present I can reach into my cupboard and save madly running to the store. The problem is I often forget I bought an item, or even where I stored it. I also place gifts that I receive but do not want to keep. So I don’t end up giving the gifts. Years can pass and I have things that go out of date.

This is one such item. I bought a whole lot of these CD holders years ago. They were good gifts with some cash to put towards buying game CDs when my sons went to friends’ parties. But no one uses them anymore.


Lessons learnt: don’t buy too many items for “just in case”; keep track of the just in case gifts; store these gifts in ONE place, not spread throughout the house.


2 thoughts on “2 Simple Changes Help You Lose Weight While Walking

  1. Don’t get the wrong impression from my posts, I lead a pretty sedentary life, Sarah. My natural habitat is lying on the lounge in front of the tele or lying on my bed reading a book. “Where’s Mum?” is always a rhetorical question.

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