Break the iPad habit!


I luff, luff, luff my iPad. I use it first thing in the morning – checking my emails and favourite blogs and sites. I use it as soon as I am home, straight onto it. I blog only from my iPad. It’s so convenient and easy to use.

But its ease is also my downfall. I use it while watching tele, I am tapping away while talking to Mr Sans, I use it in bed. For goodness sake, as soon as I get up!

So I will force myself to control my habit.

Why not just limit the time each night? I know this won’t work for me. Who hasn’t gone on “just for a few minutes” and realised it was four hours later when you surface and you either haven’t achieved anything or it is way past your bedtime? When I have some silly game on the iPad, I can play for hours. On some meaningless game! That I don’t really care about!

So I have removed all games from my iPad.

And I will join my alcohol-free days with iPad-free days. Two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

No being sidetracked by work emails which pop up when you’re connected. I will put the iPad on airplane mode the night before and not touch it. So I will be able to truly disconnect from work for two days. Has to be better for my health! Cut the brain clutter and stress.

What won’t I be able to achieve!!!

Exercise, books, decluttering, organising. Giving my full attention to Mr Sans!

Exciting but also scary.


Today’s decluttered item = sports shoes insert. I was talked into buying them when I bought my last pair of joggers. They cost quite a bit. $50! I found them really uncomfortable. Persevere, I was told. But the discomfort was too much. They raised my heel so the shoes rubbed where my heels had not rubbed before. Because of the cost I was loath to throw them away. I put them in the back of my poor linen press for possible future use. I tried again recently as my joggers have worn down and I thought this might give some cushioning. Still uncomfortable. But the unwillingness to dispose of them persisted: concern over the wasted cost; a need to keep them like a sack cloth and ashes reminder of my stupidity in being talked into something I knew I would not use and did not want; angst about disposing of new, unused items and the environmental impact of production and disposal of an unused thing. But what’s the alternative? They are cluttering my linen press and we dispose of much more and more frequently and more readily. So… Be off with you.



2 thoughts on “Break the iPad habit!

  1. Wow, you are turning into superwoman! My downfall is books. I can go for days without checking emails or turning on my computer, but could happily read my life away. I’m pretty sure my children don’t need dinner today…

    • Ahh, my catch phrase has always been, “At the end of this chapter,” whenever I was asked to do something by my mother. Heaven to me is a book to read, a cup of tea, chocolate, and peace and quiet.

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