No iPad! No alcohol! What to do?

You know you have an addiction when it feels scary when you say you can’t have something.

Deprivation seems to exacerbate the need.

Arriving home at dinner time and the usual routine would be to pour a glass of something to quaff while cooking and then grab the iPad for a read. The night at first seemed like it would extend with a big fat emptiness. What would I do to fill the time? How empty without my iPad on my lap, half listening to the tele, sort of giving my family half an ear!

But so much else was possible. Dinner, conversation, a TV show, play with some nail polish, reading a book. Giving every task my full attention. Really being mindful and in the moment.

As the habit forms, I will have time! Precious time!

Today’s decluttered item = plastic containers. Mr Sans and I do frequent battle. Not with each other. No, with the plastic containers. Open the cupboard door and they attack. Finding the one you want and then the matching lid takes much longer than should be given to such a domestic, mundane task. Some must go. And why keep ones that come with takeaway and supermarket soup? We put empty tins in the recycling without a thought. Why keep plastic? And one is damaged! These say they are recyclable so into the recycling they go.



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