Healthy life for life


I want to lose weight. Not much. About 3 kilos more.

But the exercise, change in sleep patterns, drinking more water, alcohol-free days are not a short-term strategy to lose weight. I am not doing this for a set period of time or just until I get to my desired weight and then saying to myself, “Done, made it. Can stop walking now.”

This is about for the rest of my life. Being healthy. Having a healthy lifestyle. Having a routine, doing things that I do, because one does them.

For me making drastic, holus-bolus changes immediately, on all aspects, won’t work. The changes won’t translate into real, life-long changes, into new routines, into ways of being. And it will be like punishment, like deprivation. As well, I am unlikely to remember all I am meant to do and will surely slip-up as I forget some aspect. So gradual change, decreasing what I am doing wrong, increasing what I am doing right, is working. Eg, I increased my daily water consumption in October last year, this month I added two alcohol free days a week. And this is how I am approaching decluttering – one step at a time, slowly, with daily action. All making it doable.

I don’t have a great desire to do exercise, and I don’t like sport. But when I haven’t done my walk or weights, and I am sitting around slothfully, I do now feel like I should do my exercise. So that’s good, right? And that gets me going. I know it has to be done.

I would love to be like Ilona, also known as Mean Queen, from the north of England and be active and do walks like this in my 60s.

Of course, when I am slimmer I will be moving along on my road to gorgeousness. And then I will action the next stage of my journey to gorgeousness, health and organised living which will be to have the most gorgeous house and garden and to travel.

Today’s decluttered item = I love the colour of this jacket – the orange that was the colour of 2012. And it was light so I could wear it in summer, a bonus as most of my jackets are for cool and cold weather. But I just wasn’t happy how it sat on me. Every time I’d get it out, put it on and look in the mirror, I’d end up putting it back in the wardrobe. Why? Why keep it if I am not going to wear it? So away, maybe to someone who wants/needs a lovely jacket!



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