The Great Me Makeover


This blog is an account of my journey to become gorgeous, organised and healthy.

So how will I know when I have arrived?

When I am three kilos lighter.

When I have lost a few more centimetres from my waist.

When my exercise activities are a must, a priority on my diary.

When I have good sleep hygiene.

When I make sure I book regular back treatments.

When I have an organised wardrobe.

When my taxes are done.

When my finances and associated paperwork are in order.

When my cholesterol and Vitamin D levels are better.

When my linen cupboards are ordered.

When my photos are put in albums.

When my spare room is clear of junk.

Then I will be halfway there!!!


Today’s decluttered item = junk! Sometimes we put something in a drawer and we have no idea why. This was a key ring with a big fake diamond ring. The diamond fell out so I put the key ring in my jewellery drawer. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Have to say, sadly I know there is more stuff that has to go from my bedside drawers!



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