My favourite book on organising


My favourite book on organising is Julie Morgenstern’s Organizing from the Inside Out. I love her approach. I could read it again and again. In fact, I’d much rather read her book and dream about how organised my house could be than get off my butt and act. Actually, that is what I do.

But as Morgenstern has you analyse why you are disorganised before you start organising, I actually have to read. See! I’m not lazy, just organising myself from the inside out!

Firstly, you have to see if you have technical errors: simple mistakes that apparently can be easily resolved.

Oh goody. I love self-diagnosis.

Error #1: items have no home, so they end up piled everywhere, and even if you want to put things away, you don’t know where to put them. Yep, got this error.

Error #2: your storage is inconvenient, eg too far from where things are used, so it is too hard to put things away. No, this isn’t really a problem for me.

Error #3: you have too much stuff; more stuff than you can fit in existing storage. Oh yeah! Putting both hands up for this one!

Error #4: your systems are too complex so you give up. I think this is mainly for filing paperwork. I don’t file, so my system isn’t very complex: just put things in piles!

Error #5: leaving things out so they are a visual reminder of what has to become, but then you end up with too many things out. That’s me to a T. The bills to be paid, the notes to be signed and returned to school, the books to go back to the library, the insurance company to contact… I not only lose sight of the item and then forget it, but I create mess while I go.

Error #6: you think organising is boring and there are a million more fun things to do. I’m nodding vigorously. (But apparently you can buy storage things with pizzazz which will make it fun! Who’d have thought? Still, while the finished product of a neat and tidy house would be satisfying, I know doing the organising can’t beat reading a book, or watching a favourite show on TV, or going out for dinner, now can it? And all those things are much more fun.)

Oh, what a shame! Too tired out from analysing myself to do any decluttering.

Today’s decluttered item = still more rubbish from my bedside cupboard, but this time from the bottom drawer. Surprisingly there is much less in it. This is all the rubbish from the bottom drawer. Less than half than was in the top. Speak softy laziness – that I dump everything in the top drawer because I don’t have to reach an extra 5 centimetres. Speaks of error 1, 3 and 6.



3 thoughts on “My favourite book on organising

  1. Yes, I’m guilty of #6. This is also why I am finding it hard to go and clean the bathroom. Because reading your blog = so much more fun than cleaning!

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