Decluttering, donating and doing good



Charities often get junk “donated” and have to spend significant funds on rubbish removal. Apparently some of our biggest charities are struggling as they have to pay thousands for clean-ups. People have so much stuff that they can’t fit it all in their bins so they use charities as rubbish dumps. Perhaps they kid themselves they are doing good? If so, why dump in the middle of the night?

And then people scavenge through the bags and goods to find something of value, causing more mess.

I have also heard horrific stories of the gross stuff volunteers have to sort through: unwashed underwear, soiled nappies. Gross, people. Just gross.

I used to throw my bras away because, let’s face it, who is likely to buy second hand underwear in Australia? But I always felt guilty. Some of my bras are hardly worn. I bought so many but wore my favourites. I also suffered the effect of breast feeding, gravity, age and weight gain – going from a 10C, to a 10D, to a 10DD, to my current 10E in a matter of less ten years.

So this brings me to link these threads of thought. I want to donate, not overload charities with things their stores couldn’t sell or use in major cities, avoid more landfill, and declutter. Well, there’s an organisation that collects good quality bras for disadvantaged communities in places like the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and NT. They prefer large sizes, so I hope my size 10s will be useful given they have big cup sizes.

Project Uplift, what a great idea!

Today’s decluttered item = bras, of course. Ten, count them, ten!!! Probably about $600 or more. Kept, even though I have grown out of them, because I felt guilt at the money spent (some are quite expensive and were hardly worn), didn’t want to throw them in the in but didn’t know what to do. Now problem is solved.




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