A clothing diet

Got enough clothes? Or do you subscribe to the idea that more is better? Do you wear all your clothes? Or do you buy the latest must have and throw away lots of clothes?

For your wallet, your credit card, your wardrobe,your clutter and for the environment and the workers who make your clothes, join me on a clothing diet!


OK, I’m not American but I love this image, the concept and the site. The diet has finished so you can’t join them (though you can join me) but they have some good stories and suggestions for further reading. Hop over to here for some inspiration.

As well as not buying anything, I have decluttered many things from my wardrobes and clothing cupboards so far this year and not brought in anything new. Feeling decidedly virtuous, if not gorgeous yet.

Today’s decluttered item = 2 T-shirts. One has a little hole on the front and the other just doesn’t suit me. I don’t need to hold onto these. I can afford new ones. Indeed, I have enough Tees and singlet tops. My cupboard is overwhelmed with the number of clothes it has to store for me. I’m at the age that worn out tops don’t look good, just shabby and slobby. I don’t need to keep items for gardening or around the house. Time to go. The one with the hole will be cut up to be used as cleaning cloths and the other will go to the charity bin.


3 thoughts on “A clothing diet

  1. Lucinda I am going to have a huge purge of my wardrobe and definitely will try and join you on this clothing diet!!! I hate all my millions of clothes and am desperate to buy buy buy but I will resist and shop the wardrobe!!! And get an awesome haircut instead xx

    • Good luck, Sarah. And thanks for joining, or trying, the clothing diet.

      I find I can work by doing little purges. I just took out all my tops from the wardrobe (I have several large hanging wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a linen press for my clothes. The latter has only one shelf for linen!) again this morning and have decluttered another top. One I wouldn’t throw the first time. I seem to find an item each time as I look with fresh eyes, or get more courage. One big purge wouldn’t work for me. I’d still only find one or two items to declutter.

      If necessity drove me, I could go years without buying clothes. But I want, I want, I want. And I love new stuff.

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