Where have you been?

It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about you all!

And it is not that I have abandoned my self improvement plan, or as I like to call it, my journey to gorgeousness ( with healthy and organised living as a subset).

I have been somewhat MIA. Dispatches from our man in the protectorates, report that the locals are doing very little work. So I have had to roll up my sleeves and hew wood and draw water myself.

Work has been demanding. I have made it to Pilates. Though, I cut it fine.


I haven’t done much walking this week. One walk last weekend and one on Monday. A very short walk to and from yoga. And that’s all. Work, weather and slothfulness have intervened.

Yoga is going well. So I no longer have to mourn the reality that my yoga pants and yoga mat were just clutter!


My back is very tight from stress, sitting poorly at my computer and long hours at my desks. But I have had a massage and will go to the osteopath soon. And I have been slack doing stretches. I was reprimanded by my masseuse, especially because I am having very bad referred pain from my tight hips. So will definitely recommence doing the stretches.

I have stayed drink free on Tuesday and Thursday. So virtuous of me, I know. Not so successful on the iPad free days.

Now to sleep. My March focus. Mmmm! Well. Yeah. Room for improvement. Need I say more?

Today’s decluttered items = Although I haven’t posted, I have continued to declutter everyday. I am weeding out junk from my bedroom. I have had this tendency to keep packaging when I receive gifts or purchases through the mail. It is partly based on my dislike of placing things that can be reused in the bin, and partly based on my tight-arsedness that I could re-use the packaging when I post gifts (or the previously planned sales on eBay which I now have abandoned). But really, the emotional and visual cost of clutter is more than the few dollars I might spend purchasing packaging. Also, I tend to buy the post packs that don’t need stamps. So the clutter remains in my cupboards.

I also have glasses from one of my sons. He doesn’t need them anymore. There are conflicting opinions as to whether it is worth donating old glasses, given the cost of the lenses. But I will donate these anyway.

And there’s a ring among my clutter. I like it but it pinches, so no need to hang onto something that I can’t wear. And there is a broken kid’s watch and an instruction booklet for a phone long since banished from the house.



I have also decluttered some bath fizzes that have lost their fizz (and which have a cheap and nasty smell, which is understandable given they are a cheap and nasty product from China).


And from the wasteland that is our plastic cupboard in the kitchen, comes the prize for irony. This container was a sample from the nude food movement. The idea is you use a lunch box with multiple sections so you don’t need to use plastic wrap. And it has its own wet suit covering so the food stays cool. But no one in my family liked it, so it has added to the hoard of unused plastic containers that sit and plan their attack. The front opens every time we open the cupboard door. Luckily they are advancing as slowly as the western front trenches. I will send this to the charity shop. I hope it finds a home and doesn’t end as more plastic in land fill.


2 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. Glad to see you back. So sorry work is getting in the way of a gorgeous you. Perhaps you could have a word with them about that?

    Well done on the continuing decluttering. We had those annoying lunchboxes as well. We gleefully recycled them at the end of last year, and sent the (practically unused because impossible for a child to pull off and on) covers to the charity shop.. good idea, but very badly designed and executed.

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