Not Another Greek Salad by Ann Rickard


I really enjoyed Rickard’s first travel book, Not Another Book About Italy. But this one failed to grab me.

I found it tedious. There were a few scenes that made me want to travel to Greece. But in the main the book didn’t make Greece appear in the slightest a pleasant place to visit.

Take a sample of the descriptions of food: “We order lamb with red wine and chickpeas, which just tastes like the most ordinary stew with a can of chick peas thrown in, and then we go for the house speciality of chickpea balls, little fried things that don’t taste of much at all.”

The descriptions of service are also off putting: “we find … outstandingly awful food and hostile service.”

There’s more. But perhaps it is Rickard’s plan to keep the tourist numbers down so she can have the place herself? Maybe I just read it too soon after her first book?

Today’s decluttered items = assorted junk from my bedside table. How much junk can one tiny bedside table hold? I’ve tidied and decluttered the two drawers but there is also a little shelf thing, which I am embarrassed to say hold much more than the bits I am tossing today – receipts, business cards, a plastic bag, packaging.


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