Archive | March 11, 2013

Impact of sleep deprivation

Feeling tired?

Doze off on the lounge?

Difficulty sleeping when you finally get to bed?

This is me. I have tried changing my sleep patterns, or sleep hygiene as it is strangely called. And when I had it under control, I felt better. I woke without my alarm, and woke feeling well rested.

So why did I sabotage myself? Who knows!

Did you know that lack of sleep can do more than make you feel tired?

Lack of sleep makes it harder to cope with day-to-day life, harder to think clearly, harder to solve problems. But you knew that already. As you already knew that when you sleep your body replenishes itself.

But did you know sleep deprivation can have an effect on your cells, causing inflammation. Lack of sleep causes changes at the gene level and affects your immune system and damage repair systems. It has even been linked to increase in heart attacks. So not only do you look bad when tired, you risk health problems.

Here’s an article on this topic.

Good reasons to get to bed at a reasonable hour!

Today’s decluttered item = a pretty pair of shoes. So why would I declutter them? They are just that little too small. Oh! How I wish they fitted! They were an online purchase. I haven’t had much luck buying shoes over the Internet, so I have learned my lesson. Shoes need to tried on!