Shoe storage or Today’s decluttered item

I keep most of my shoes and sandals in boxes like this:


It means I can stack my shoes to maximise storage. And I can see which shoes are in which box. Always handy when you are in a hurry in the morning, or just generally don’t want to go through a million boxes to find the shoe you want.

Some shoe boxes, as in the boxes the shoes come in, I keep. Sometimes because the box is lovely, sometimes because I have more shoes than clear shoe storage boxes and sometimes, and I am a little embarrassed to admit this to you, dear reader, sometimes because I am too lazy to put the shoes away properly and dispose of the box. I just shove the whole kit and kaboddle into the cupboard.

So I little tidy up of my cupboard floor and out goes a shoe box. Having recently disposed of two shoes I have a vacancy in a clear box. Oh, and I picked up some receipts and packaging that littered the floor. P. I. G.


4 thoughts on “Shoe storage or Today’s decluttered item

    • Oh, I know about that feeling, Penelope. And thank you for your support. I know there are many of us that buy things and then don’t use them. Shopping as a hobby, or time waster, or to fill a hole!

      I wish I could say that yesterday’s pair of shoes were my only pair that languished in my wardrobe.

    • Mmmm. What can I say, Peachie? The thought of only owning two shoes at any one time is a little scary for me. I think you can alter an outfit just by changing the shoes. In my defence: I have really good taste. Does that make it any more “sensical”?

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