Stages of sleep

Another good night’s sleep, although I have not awoken as fresh as yesterday. In bed by 10.50, later than I would have like but I went out for dinner with friends and didn’t get home until 10.20, and needed some time to unwind and shower. Fell asleep immediately and slept soundly with lots of dreams. Didn’t wake up at all.

My alarm has woken me at 5.40. Normally it takes me more than half an hour to wake up. I use a clock radio, and I slowly become more aware of the radio, until I wake up, and then I continue to try to grab a few more minutes and then drag myself up to race to get ready for work. At least today I woke immediately, even if I know I could have slept for another hour.

I don’t remember all the dreams of last night. We dream during our Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Apparently there are four or five episodes of REM sleep with about 90 minutes between each episode and each episode lasting from a few minutes to up to 30 or 40minutes. The first REM episode normally comes after 90 minutes after falling asleep. During this stage our eyes move, hence the term. In this stage our muscles are switched off and relax. This stage is also supports daytime performance.

Non-REM sleep has three stages based on the brain activity. The first is light and you can be woken easily. During stage 2 the brain slows down, our breathing slows and our body temperature cools.

The last stage is the very deepest and it is difficult to arouse someone from this stage. There is no eye movement or muscle activity. There is some dreaming but the dreams are not as vivid. This sleep is the most restorative; blood pressure drops, breathing becomes slower and our muscles relax. With increased blood to muscles, our tissues are repaired and grow.

Not having had disturbed sleep for the last two nights has obviously helped me achieve this stage because I feel well rested. Now to face the day!

Today’s decluttered item = old slippers. I have several pairs of these slippers, cheap, thin ones from stays in hotels and resorts. This pair is gross. I don’t know why I have kept them. Perhaps they were hiding under my bed to escape being binned. Forgive me, dear reader, for exposing you to the horror of this grottiness.


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