Archive | March 14, 2013

Exercise and sleep

Exercise affects your sleep and the sleep quality.

According to Professor Phelps, timing of exercise is important. She says exercising early in the day is best. I really don’t have the time in the morning. I have to leave for work by 7.30, sometimes earlier. And I don’t want to walk in the dark.

She also says exercising in the afternoon is fine if you finish several hours before your scheduled bed time. If you exercise later than early evening it can delay the release of melatonin. This is the hormone which starts the sleep cycle. Exercises also increases your body temperature. As your body needs to cool down in preparation for falling asleep, raising your body temperature may slow your sleepiness. The only exercise I do that goes until evening, ends two hours before my bed time. And it is yoga, a form of exercise that is beneficial for improving sleep as it incorporates relaxation.

So if you have sleep problems, join me in doing regular exercise, don’t do it too late in the evening and do some exercise that has an element of relaxation, like yoga or tai chi.

I did an hour and a half of yoga last night. Came home and watched TV for an hour, had a shower, got to bed at 11, slept immediately and soundly. Unfortunately , I woke too early, at 4am, and have been tossing and turning, worrying about how tired I will be. I hate stressing about sleep. Maybe 5 hours is enough? But I doubt it. I know, if the environment was right, I would doze again. When Mr Sans gets up I shall return to bed, put on the TV, turned down low for white noise. Anyway, at least I have not been falling asleep on the lounge and am developing a bedtime routine.

Today’s decluttered items = a trench coat. I own five trench coats (and other coats and jackets). I know I don’t NEED five. I am getting rid of this one because I don’t wear it as the colour – olive green – doesn’t suit me. I know I don’t need four trench coats but I really like the others and wear them with different outfits.