Archive | March 17, 2013

Alcohol and sleep

This may be the right time for this topic being the morning after a big Saturday night in the Sans household, and St Patricks Day, a big day for Mr Sans and his family.

Professor Phelps has a whole chapter on alcohol in her book on wellness. But I will leave that for another time on my journey to gorgeous and healthy living. I quite like some alcohol and am not planning on cutting too much more, already as I do abstaining two nights a week.

Prof Phelps has only a few lines on alcohol in her chapter on sleep:

The bad news is that alcohol disrupts your normal sleep patterns and makes snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea worse. So if sleep is a problem for you, then you will need to stay off alcohol or minimise it.

Ow, she’s direct.

I don’t seem to sleep more poorly when I drink, though I do have a greater tendency to crash on the lounge, wake up a few hours later and then have difficulty getting to sleep when I finally make it to bed. But that’s been my problem without alcohol.

But yes, alcohol does affect my sleep. When Mr Sans drinks, his snoring is worse. How to work on him?

So last night, brilliant time with friends, stayed out late, “rested” on the lounge for half an hour, in bed at 1am, straight to sleep, woke several times due to Mr Sans snoring and my back aching (off to the osteopath this week), but didn’t stay awake. In the main 8 hours of good sleep.

Today’s decluttered item = necklace. It was a gift from a lady at work. I thought about wearing it so she felt good but it is really not me and I don’t it.