Archive | March 20, 2013


Melatonin is the hormone which gives the signal to sleep. It is released when darkness falls and reaches it peak at around 2pm. Older people produce less melatonin.

You can buy melatonin tablets. These are used to change sleep patterns like to combat jet lag or shift work.

Disclaimer time: speak with your GP if you think you need any medication.

OK, now back to info gleaned from Prof Phelps and the Internet. If you have trouble getting to sleep, melatonin in the erly evening may help getting to sleep. If you wake around 3am, taking a tablet then might help you continue sleeping in the morning.

I don’t want to take anything, however “natural” it may be. Tryptophan is apparently a precursor to melatonin so if you eat food rich in tryptophan, such as warm milk, you can boost melatonin levels. But at the moment, I am not going to take anything (& i wont drink warm milk) as my problems mainly stem from bad sleep routines and stress. But if my sleep problems continue after I address my stress levels and bedtime routines, or if other sleep problems reveal themselves such as waking too early, then I might consider taking melatonin.

Getting into a good routine: in bed at 11, slept quickly and soundly, woke once but went to sleep quickly. Woke on my alarm and feel fine, although I go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Today’s decluttered item = another white shirt. This one is a lovely white, and meets my standard. It is linen which I love but which doesn’t love me. The cut also just doesn’t suit me. Arms a tad too short, shoulders make me look fat. I’ve had it for a while but never wear it. Why have I kept it, cluttering up my wardrobe?