Archive | March 22, 2013



Going to bed with worries on your mind will stop you sleeping.

My poor bedtime routine just pips stress as as the major factor affecting my sleep. My mind is often racing about things to be done at work.

If only there were an easy way to switch off your mind, or to stop stress in its tracks.

What works for me is to write a list of jobs before I leave work. It is one of the strategies that I use to put a shield between home and work. I try to switch off work and onto home. My regular walk and Pilates classes have helped with this. I “workshop” my thoughts while walking and work them all out of my system. Walking through a bit of bush is also relaxing.

Yoga techniques of relaxation, focusing on the breath, has also helped clear my mind.

Unfortunately I have also “self-medicated” with alcohol. That is why I instigated a no-alcohol day on Tuesday and Thursday.

I have found that the bedtime routine also helps still my mind and prepares me mentally and physically for sleep. And if I don’t push through my sleepiness and stay up too late, I can go to bed and not lie their thinking.

Back on track and in bed at 11pm. Slept quickly and soundly. But I don’t like this waking at 5! Stayed awake for an hour, then slept for another hour. Feeling tired and could have slept for more hours. If I had my normal start I would have had to get up just after 6, which is when I fell asleep again. But I am going to a different office and have a later start today.

Today’s decluttered item = an Yves Saint Laurent eye liner. It is black which is a little harsh for me, but sometimes you want black. I mention its brand name because that is why I have hung onto it. Shallow, I know. But its downfall is that is smudges too easily. Forget panda eyes, I have runs on top and bottom lids. No need to keep trying it, I know it is no good. In the bin.