Archive | March 25, 2013

Health Audit


Professor Kerryn Phelps has a developed a self-audit of your well-being.

You can find it here.

I am going to do the sleep diary bit. I know she says to do it before you take steps to improve your lifestyle/well-being and then do it again to see how much has changed but I want to use it as part of my strategy to keep me focused on improving my sleep routine.

I won’t be posting every day. I will post the sleep diary when I have completed a week. Giving myself a week off from blogging takes away the stress of having yet another job to do, and I do tend to spend a bit of time on here reading blogs and forums, so it will free some time for other things. And it will keep alive the pleasure I have in blogging. See you in a week!

Oh, and had a great night’s sleep last night. In bed at 11.20 (much later than I’m trying for) but slept immediately and soundly. Woke momentarily at 4.30 with a dream I was going to the toilet. Does anyone else have that fear it isn’t a dream? Anyway, went to sleep reassured I only dreamt it and woke at 6 before my alarm. 6 1/2 hours looks to be my limit unless I break my Internet and TV addiction.

This week’s decluttered items = assorted junk.

In the meantime, I cleaned out two shelves in my tiny hall cupboard. Why I wasted storage space on this junk I don’t know! Remember I posted I kept post bags for reusing? It seems I did the same with key lanyards, and plastic bags, and a holder for a phone that has gone, and a metal bar for a wardrobe from our old house which some how got packed and brought with us over 6 years ago.