The Great Wardrobe Diet continues


Three months ago I set my New Year’s resolutions (See here.) The resolutions included decluttering one item a day and not buying any clothes. Both of which I have achieved.

So a big pat on the back. Three months in and I haven’t bought any clothes, underwear, jewellery, shoes, accessories.

Dieting means less in and more out. So as well as not buying clothes, I have been decluttering and getting clothes out as part of the one thing decluttered each day.

The result means my clothes are more organised, they hang more nicely, and thus will crease less and have less chance of being ruined from rubbing and catching on clips and zippers. I can also see what I have, allowing me to wear clothes I like (and embarrassingly remember what I own). (And I am getting quite pleased at how my wardrobes are beginning to look. I keep glancing at one. The clothes are actually hanging!!!)

I have also been “shopping my wardrobe”. This is looking at what I have and combining clothes for new outfits and wearing clothes that haven’t been worn for many a year. It means dealing with the feeling of wanting the new, the novel. I still get comments, indeed when wearing things that haven’t been worn for years, some people have said, “I thought you weren’t buying this year.” Showing that what’s not new to me, is new to others.

Today’s decluttered item = a shirt. Nothing wrong with this shirt. It is a very nice shirt. Good material, good cut. It does the job a shirt should do. But I don’t wear it. It is just not me. And I have one in pink. So if I might wear this style, I still have one. So I don’t need two taking up valuable real estate in my wardrobe.


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