Slothful Easter

I love Easter. There are no expectations that anything must be done. I don’t join the manic rush to go north or to go camping. So I avoid the horrendous traffic. As I have given up shopping, I don’t feel the need to go to the shops.

As for the Easter Show, well, I am clearly not the target market. I enjoyed it when I was at high school and went with a group of friends. If I never go again, I won’t be sad. I actually have free tickets but I don’t think they will be used by this little duck.

For me the Easter long weekend has always been a time to rest, recuperate and retire from the world. I hibernate in my house. Read, doze, eat a tonne of chocolate. None of which is very healthy. But I have drunk my litre of water and I have gone for a walk everyday.

Tomorrow I will venture out for a bush walk and a picnic with Mr Sans. This is where we give thanks for unions of past whose actions have given us a long, long weekend.

Ahhh, Easter. You may not add to my healthy living but you are helping my gorgeous life.

As I gaze at the blue sky, enjoy the mild weather (not too hot, not cool), admire the long shadows and golden light, I sit on my back verandah and enjoy my one weakness:


It’s kinda healthy. I add cranberry juice to my sparkling wine. Makes for a nice pre-dinner drink.

Another decluttered item for today = a bag. I got it “free” with a tonne of Natio products. It is an attractive enough bag but I have only used it once or twice. It doesn’t hold enough for a Mum for the beach or for shopping. And I like handles that can hang over my shoulder. So why clutter my cupboard? Off to someone who might use it.


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